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How to Clean Up After Christmas

House Cleaning after Christmas Time

The holidays are the time of year when family and friends come together in celebration. It’s joyous and full of love… but also full of messes. In my years as a cleaning lady I have discovered plenty of tips and tricks for how to clean up your home after Christmas. I’d like to share a few of them with you today. If you have not enough time & energy for house cleaning, contact professional maid service for help – Pure 1 House Cleaning Services Schaumburg, IL. Below is a list of tips & tricks how to clean up aftert Christmas:

• Check your carpet and furniture for stains immediately. The longer stains sit, the harder they are to clean. If you catch them right away, a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid should do the trick.
• Take down the tree carefully. Be sure to wrap up your ornaments. Rushing through the process can result in broken ornaments, and thus broken glass to clean up.
• Wipe down all surfaces and doorknobs. People have likely used every table for cooking and eating. As such, these need to be wiped down. Winter is also prime time for illness and more guests means more germs. Clean off all doorknobs.
• Use the time to declutter. As you are putting away all of your new gifts, take the time to get rid of a few things you no longer need or use. These can be recycled or donated to those in need for more holiday spirit.

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