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Cleaning the Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Cleaning Tips: Bathroom Tiles

There are not much people who are keen on cleaning the bathroom, but on the other hand, everyone likes to use it when it’s clean. In the most of our bathrooms, tiles are an integral component. We got tiles on the floor, but also on the walls, under shower or near sink as a blacksplash. Today we gonna learn how to clean bathroom tiles on your own, with cleaning products available in every house.

The mixture for bathroom tiles cleaning

The easiest to produce, but also the most effective mixture is simply mixing vinegar and baking soda with water. In order to simplify use, you can put it in a spray bottle. Vinegar is a typical degreaser, and baking soda is for scouring the surface and eliminating bad odours. With this said, we can start cleaning our bathroom tiles. Spray the tiles with prepared cleaning mixture and wait few minutes, so it can sink and start working. After 5-10 minutes come back and start washing it with harsh sponge.

There is another, even more powerful mixture for old and dried stains. You will need paste of bleach and bicarbonate of soda. The bleach plays disinfectant role and will make your tiles white again. After aplying the mixture, leave the room for at least one hour. Remember about being careful, wearing a mask and provide good ventilation of a bathroom.

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