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Few words for good start

Welcome to my cleaning blog!

Hi there! I’d like to greet everyone on my cleaning blog. I’m gonna post here some of my stories as a cleaning lady. Also you can read here about cleaning tips & tricks, and later use them while cleaning your own houses or offices. And last, but not least – I will write here about house cleaning services in Chicago. I have been employed in so many of them, that I’m experienced enough to write some reviews. Hope you guys will enjoy this little bit of my adventures, that I’m gonna share with you!

Few Words About Me

Through all my life I  was working as a maid in quite much amount of different cleaning services. Most recent experience was cleaning in  one of the greatest Chicago’s cleaning services. To find out which one was it, you will have to be patient and wait a little bit more.

My story is partly sad, other time you will laugh to tears. Sometimes you will learn from my mistakes, and sometimes my decisions will anger you. But from this point I can proudly shout: I REGRET NOTHING. All I can tell at the moment, it’s worth following my house cleaning and commercial cleaning services Chicago blog to hear all those amusing storiesHave a nice lecture!


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